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The mission is to prove the robotics company is worthy of winning a lucrative military contract. Six doctors on a good cause witness the brutal slaughter of an innocent village and are forced into a deadly game of cat and mouse as they become the new targets. 2020. Stars: Neal McDonough, Brett Tutor, Jose Rosete *Under exclusive license from MRT Films Pty Ltd.

Well, this film certainly delivered. It said it was an awesome film and it lived up to it. Director, special effects, plot, actors all played a big part in making this incredible film. Given today’s AI, it’s more thought provoking than what I originally thought. We really need to take heed of what this film is trying to tell us. And we know that Azimoth was way ahead of his time. If we don’t put the brakes on AI then we have already lost. Look at how these nerds struggled to deal with BR4.

It is only a film but, so relevant today and will only become more relevant. Again, I say, It is a film, but, this is not far from what the military has. After all, this type of ‘super soldier’ is exactly what the military wants and is striving towards. Skynet next? Best I’ve seen since Terminator. Whatever plaudits are given to the makers of this film are not enough in my humble opinion. Very impressed.

Everybody who participated in this movie should feel proud, id like to think im a movie buff, and nothing makes me more happy than seeing a passion project with all the odds stacked against it, and preforming just as well and even better than studio films… thank you for letting me and others be apart of your success, so dope guys!

Some really great/gripping moments … Bullet-eating – intense … The way the robots moved – really cool. Just wish there were more breaks/tune-ins to the one “on a stroll” … Other than that – Great Movie! Really-REALLY looking forward to a sequel!

bsolutely fantastic movie.!! A league apart from most of the action movies we get to see these days. Kudos to the director and the entire team. Good Cambodia was selected as the location. Absolutely no sets required. Everything is there already for taking. Fantastic job, once again.!!

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