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Hollywood English Movie 2023 | Full Action Movies In English

Wow this is a great movie I am so happy both friends alive the end of this movie ..this is what friends for, bravo to John Kinley he will never forgot Ahmed Abdullah that was his assistant as a military by saving John’s life. So this is what are friends for!! Salute both of you John&Ahmed and of course the cast of this movie!!

Wow super movie. Makes me wonder how many other Ahamed’s were left behind  Salute to the script writers, every single dialogue is deep man, so deep  Obviously I don’t have to a word about the outstanding acting…

THANK YOU for this movie! Can’t find the words to describe how great, (a cut above the rest), in all categories! “The Covenant” No greater bond than military kin in times of war and conflict! Hat’s off to Guy Ritchie!This movie made me so proud of our men and women in uniform. It’s about people and how we treat each other regardless of where we come from. Amazing movie….had me in tears and so, so proud.

Great movie. Unfortunately shows the contempt/lack of empathy of the invading/occupying forces of the $hit they leave the local people in that helped those forces. The man had to do it on his own dime. How many soldiers did/could afford that?

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