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ne can’t say anything bad about a film that just gets better as it does along. That was surprisingly good and very enjoyable. For a B grade fantasy there was some really amazing sequences and cinematography. Great direction. Really cool. I love that it’s based on a different culture’s myths and legends. Makes it much more unique and interesting. Thanks so much for posting it : )

Very good movie! They did not go overboard with the story or the script nice and straight to the point. Really enjoyable, come on give it a try you will love it!Excelente película de acción donde refleja la lucha entre el bien y el mal en una batalla épica de aventuras y desidias de la misma vida producto del pecado original del hombre que quebranto la ley de Dios por la maldita codicia que se ve profundizada en los tiempos modernos actuales

Wow, how did I miss this movie? What a great and Epic Tale! Great cast, really great movie! I just found your Channel and fan on watching more of your movies thank you so much!A lovely story often difficult to see so much fights and blood. During such a century men fought continuously. Great music for this film and terrific acting.

Wolfhound 2006 is one of my most favorite Historical Fantasy Movies. It’s Characters, Theme, Locations, Magical Feel, Storyline, specially Music each and everything is mind blowing. And I watch this movie every winter to spend time with these characters and feeeeel. Great movie to watch♥

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