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My Fault (Culpa Mia) Full Movie Story | Nick & Noah’s Love Story | New Movie

Say what you want but as cliche as Wattpad stories are they give us something that real screen writers are to afraid to give us steamy scenes, a fantastic love affair and over the top drama. Sequel me now Iā€™m obsessed with these two.

On my husbands account. I watched this movie last night and I want to watch it again. The chemistry is so fuego I cannot handle it. The whole movie my stomach had butterflies. Bravo!!!

My Fault” is an amazing movie. Gabriel Guevara and Nicole Wallace fit so well together. Their acting and the amazing story of the movie has impressed people. Now we want to see the second part of “My Fault” movie. Love from Bangladesh.🇧🇩

Just watched the movie yesterday. Honestly, the “stepsiblings” aspect trope is annoying, but then I also remembered that Cruel Intentions practically made a bet and thing out of it for the entire movie. And it DIDN’T make it any less weird, but at the same time, they were rich kids with no day jobs or parents present in their life. I guess when you have enough money, anything goes.

This movie is a wattpad adaptation that is first written in 2016 the title of the book and the movie is CULPA MIA that is really popular in Spain the author is Marcedes Ron. CULPA MIA is a published book with 3 Books.

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