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After We Collided (2020) Release Date, Cast, Story & After We Collided Full Movie…..

Watching the movie kills it its so different if i had not read the book it wouldnt have made sense because the bet impacts the whole story they have not emphasized on that its too plain…. There is no intensity, passion, love, the tears, pain, desperation, the broken trust that is in the book i think my fav character is molly i love how she plays and matches her role she is the only one i can relate to..and hardin seems to be soft instead of being rude and sarcastic and only charming to tessa he is not even cussing out or messing up he is tooo good for hardin character…

I wonder when this movie is actually coming to Netflix or Showmax and I didn’t even know the movies were named different I thought they were both after we collided but them having a different name makes more sense especially after what happened on the movie..

I sent this to you just because I felt led too. And I feel led to explain it in a simple way just that if you ever wanted to actually become saved just to confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and truly believe in your heart that Jesus died on the cross and rose again. Just definitely felt I needed to do that.

I watched it and the only reason was for Dylan Sprouse. He did a great job, Trevor is so kind, funny and smart. I loved his character and I ship Tessa and Trevor  because I’m sick of Tessa and Hardin toxic relationship. Please do something better with Trevor’s character for the next.

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