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I honestly love Tessa and Hardin together, yeah I know their relationship is toxic but relationships can’t be perfect even when we think someone deserves better. If Tessa felt that Hardin was too difficult for her to handle she would have long left and thus goes to Hardin too. They have sticked with each other throughout their most difficult times and to me that’s okay. I love Tessa and Hardin and I wish they never break up. But that’s just my perspective of the movie. You have yours.

tessa’s character needs a whole lot of character development before she comes anything near to normal. hardin has been trying a lot but tessa is just finding random reasons to break up with him. i don’t think hardin should be blamed anymore for what he did. he made up for it but tessa has never been truthful to hardin and that shows a lot about who actually is causing the extra drama..

my opinion u really cant call that a toxic one. it was just the circumstances anyone could face in a relationship which had them apart everytime. but u can see how happy they were together..Harding wanted to be a better person for tessa. but they were happy together….but okayy i respect ur opinion..everyone has theirss hope u enjoy this moviee:)

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