“I’m unequivocally disappointed,” Ms. Paley said. “I’m removing tormented by his fans for vocalization out, like this is something we wanted.”

She added, “He had months of eventuality to make it right, and he didn’t. I’m removing genocide threats. He’s only going on, articulate about his movie.”

During a Golden Globes, Ms. Paley was one of several women who took offense during a fact that Mr. Franco was wearing a pin ancillary Time’s Up, an beginning founded by absolute women in a party industry to quarrel workplace passionate harassment.

Ms. Paley, now 23, has pronounced she was 21 when she began a regretful attribute with Mr. Franco, during that she pronounced he coerced her to perform verbal sex on him. In a twitter posted on Sunday, she wrote, “Cute #TIMESUP pin James Franco,” adding serve sum of her accusation.

Sarah Tither-Kaplan, another lady who criticized Mr. Franco that night, wrote in a Twitter post destined during him, “Remember a few weeks ago when we told me a full nakedness we had me do in twin of your cinema for $100/day wasn’t exploitative since we sealed a agreement to do it?”

Ms. Tither-Kaplan after told The L.A. Times that she felt pressured to seem bare in an bacchanal theatre in Mr. Franco’s nonetheless unreleased film “The Long Home,” and that other actresses who seemed in a theatre wore cosmetic guards covering their vaginas that Mr. Franco private before simulating sex acts with them.

“I got it in my conduct flattering fast that, O.K., we don’t contend ‘no’ to this guy,” Ms. Tither-Kaplan told The L.A. Times.


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Mr. Franco’s attorney, Michael Plonsker, told The L.A. Times that he doubtful all of a women’s allegations in a article. Contacted by The New York Times, member for a actor forked to Mr. Franco’s comments in late-night radio interviews in that he pronounced a women’s tweets were false though that he upheld their right to pronounce out.

The singer Ally Sheedy, who seemed in a 2014 Off Broadway prolongation of “The Long Shrift” that Mr. Franco directed, wrote in a Twitter post on Sunday, “James Franco only won. Please never ask me since we left a film/tv business.”

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Ms. Sheedy later deleted a Twitter post. She did not respond to a ask for criticism from The New York Times.

Mr. Franco, 39, has acted widely in films and TV shows, including “Freaks and Geeks,” “Pineapple Express,” “Spring Breakers” and “127 Hours,” that warranted him an Academy Award assignment for best actor. He now stars in a HBO play “The Deuce,” personification twin roles as twin brothers in 1970s New York.

In a statement, David Simon, a co-creator of “The Deuce,” pronounced that after checking with associate producers, “we have no complainant or censure or any recognition of any occurrence of regard involving Mr. Franco. Nor has HBO been approached with any complaint. In a experience, he was wholly veteran as an actor, executive and producer.”

Mr. Franco is also a executive of “The Disaster Artist,” as good as a inclusive writer, theatre performer and visible artist, and he ran a film and behaving propagandize called Studio 4 that sealed final fall.

In 2014, he concurred that he had attempted to collect adult a 17-year-old lady on amicable media after images of their Instagram messages were circulated online.

At that time, Mr. Franco said in an talk with Howard Stern, “They make it out like I’m posterior immature women. I’m not going to high schools looking for dates. I’m withdrawal my work and they’re entrance there. So, I’m saying appealing women.”

Ms. Paley pronounced she reached out to Mr. Franco in Oct after The New York Times published a report divulgence that a film author Harvey Weinstein had paid settlements to several women who indicted him of passionate harassment.


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Ms. Paley pronounced she called on Mr. Franco afterwards to apologize to her and to other women who pronounced he mistreated them. She pronounced she did not accept an reparation until several weeks later, when reporters from BuzzFeed began creation inquiries about Mr. Franco’s past behavior.

In a Tuesday entrance on CBS’s “The Late Show,” Mr. Franco told a horde Stephen Colbert, “The things that we listened that were on Twitter are not accurate, though we totally support people entrance out and being means to have a voice.”

Headded, “If there’s compensation to be made, we will make it. I’m here to listen and learn and change my viewpoint where it’s off.”

Appearing Wednesday on NBC’s “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” Mr. Franco said, “I have my possess side of this story, though we trust in these people that have been underrepresented removing their stories out adequate that we will reason behind things that we could contend only since we trust in it that much.”

He added, “And if we have to take a hit since I’m not going to try and actively rebut things, afterwards we will, since we trust in it that much.”

The New York Times canceled a open TimesTalks talk with Mr. Franco, scheduled for Wednesday. “The eventuality was dictated to be a contention of a creation of a film ‘The Disaster Artist,’” The Times pronounced in a statement. “Given a debate surrounding new allegations, we’re no longer gentle move in that vein.”

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Women’s Accusations Follow James Franco After Golden Globes

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