On this part of Collider Movie Talk, Mark Ellis, Grace Hancock, Dennis Tzeng, and Ken Napzok plead a following:

  • The 70th Annual Directors Guild of America (DGA) nominees were announced with 4 first-time nominees in a Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film category.
  • The trailer for Tully sees Charlize Theron as Marlo, a mom of 3 including a newborn, who is means a night nanny by her brother. Marlo comes to form a singular bond with a thoughtful, startling and infrequently severe immature nanny named Tully.
  • Natalie Portman is in talks to reinstate Reese Witherspoon as a star of Pale Blue Dot, an wanderer play that Fargo‘s Noah Hawley is directing for Fox Searchlight.
  • The initial trailer for Beirut finds Jon Hamm as a U.S. diplomat who flees Lebanon in 1972 after a comfortless occurrence during his home. Ten years later, he is called behind to war-torn Beirut by CIA operatives to negotiate for a life of a crony he left behind.
  • Will a new sexual harassment allegations against James Franco hurt his Oscar chances?
  • Live Twitter Questions


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