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Taraji P. Henson in ‘Proud Mary”

On paper, Proud Mary looked like any series of rather sensitively expelled Screen Gems genre transport movies. Going during slightest behind to 2006, Sony has a prolonged repute of not screening sure-to-be panned comedies and/or unapologetic grindhouse flicks. Fair or not, releasing Proud Mary sans press screenings and sans even Thursday night previews left Sony open to accusations of burying an movement film that happened to underline Taraji P. Henson in a pretension role.

But if Sony was perplexing to bury a movie, they didn’t do that it all that well. The film done a meh $3.175 million on Friday from 2,125 theaters. Yes, a film got lousy reviews (and it’s not really good), though as expected, we would disagree that a “hide a movie” thing was as many about Rotten Tomatoes as vicious pans.

To wit, it’s a finish sameness (it feels heavily cut down and seems to be blank a whole character-building initial act), though it has only adequate of Henson equalizing to send fans home comparatively happy. But it’s also a kind of film that gets a lot of “Eh, whatever” reviews that ends adult with a painfully low Tomatometer score.

While a normal censor might arrange a film 4.2/10, a fresh/rotten measure (the commission of critics who rated it during slightest a 6/10 and/or positive) on Rotten Tomatoes is during 28%. Sony also knew that a many profitable demographics aren’t indispensably a same folk who make adult Rotten Tomatoes-certified critics, and they weren’t about to let some vicious pans get in a approach of saying Proud Mary’s top-billed star get a possibility to kill 50, maybe 60 people.

So, sure, Sony could have done it a glitzier affair, though utterly honestly a film didn’t clear it. Henson is excellent (and Jahi Di’Allo Winston is utterly good as her immature charge), though I’m not going to lay here and fake that it’s a second entrance of John Wick or Atomic Blonde. They are still going to get an fine $10 million Fri-Sun/$12m Fri-Mon opening weekend, give-or-take fan-driven frontloading.

Considering we’re traffic with a $14 million, R-rated movement film with lousy reviews, this could have been a lot worse. But Ms. Henson is opening a poorly-reviewed, R-rated movement film with zero to sell solely her name, to a nearby $12 million Fri-Mon debut. If that’s not a clarification of film stardom, I’m not certain what is.

Box Office: ‘Proud Mary’ Stumbles With $3M Friday

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